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What Inspires Me To Be An Immigration Consultant Is a Success Story of a Dream Come True!!

The Immigration Industry was completely new to me when I entered into this vertical in 2009, the words like PR, TIER 1, Greencard, H1b, F1 initially were like those algorithm theorems which I would never understand, until I have seen my FIRST Success, Am I talking about me getting one of these Visas??? No, I am talking about my First Client getting his  TIER 1 visa stamped to UK dated 30th April 2009, valid for 5 yrs from then, Though I have seen a copies of lot of visa stamping of various countries during my training, this one which was stamped on Sandeep’s passport looked like the one I owed. Even today, though it’s been almost 7 years, I can still clearly visualize the smile that I have seen on Sandeep’s(my first client) face and even more on mine as it was my first success.


Sandeep approached me with his vague idea of settling abroad in any country that would give him good opportunities, since his profile was then qualifying for UK Tier 1 visa, I suggested him to go for the same and asked him to proceed for an initial evaluation process. After the report had come positive, I explained him on the process there after and while making the payment for the visa processing, he was unsure of what he was doing and he murmured his dialogue with a cheque in hand that: “I don’t know why I am paying this amount to you, all I know is I am taking the biggest risk of my life” and somewhere even I was apprehensive as it was my first client, but I believed in the expertise my company had and took the cheque dated 29th March 2009, exactly after a week Sandeep called and started to crib as to “your office is a govt office, why the hell they have to wait for the cheque to clear and the paper work to get approved.” I explained him it is a policy which is there from the day one of the company has been started and has not hampered anyone’s application so far and wouldn’t do so on his application too! I wasn’t sure if that answer had convinced him, but the next call I received from him was “Hey I got My Visa for UK and I am having it in my hands Right now!”

I congratulated him and I was even happier that a client, who had walked in to my office merely a month ago, with a vague idea of settling abroad, has now got a visa and that too from a country like UK. After a week I received a call from him stating his company has assigned him a project with UK based client and the salary offered to him was more than the salary which his friends in UK staying for past 2-3 years were making. All I could concentrate on is the only sentence that he said during the whole conversation, that “IT IS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU HAVE A BEEN PERSISTENT FOR ME SIGNING IN FOR THE PROCESS, THOUGH I WANTED TO POSTPONE IT FOR ANOTHER FEW MONTHS, I AGREED TO YOU AND THIS IS WHAT I HAVE IN MY HANDS RIGHT NOW” That was a moment for me, it was more of My Success Story of getting a client live his dream of settling abroad. To add on my second client Mr. Ansari who signed up for Canada FSW process from Saudi Arabia, got his visa stamped in the month of Nov’2009 and until he has come down to India to visit his family and relatives before going to Canada, I did not know that he was from the same city. We haven’t even might have spoken more than twice over the phone, as the entire process happened through email conversations only.

From there it just went on and the list kept adding on until now and still would continue to do so. The Awesomeness in the voice of the client who gets a Visa Success, the spark in his/her voice is worth working successfully as an Immigration Consultant, I consider my job to be that of a Doctor or a Lawyer, for both aren’t sure that they would succeed until a doctor has done the surgery or lawyer has won the case, but both at their places would try to do their best with the best of their abilities and expertise to win over a case.

The win-win scenario at the end of the process excites me to take more applications, see more dreams coming true and more people taking up an opportunity of working and settling abroad with their families.

It’s such an amazing experience that clients eventually become friends and you have a them added to your circle, for instance my first client Sandeep is still in touch with me and infact I have not just seen him getting his visa and getting into UK, but have seen him getting married and seen him becoming a PR of UK and Inshallah! Would also see him getting his UK Citizenship, which he is planning to apply. We often discuss about the market in UK and in other countries and he refers his friends or colleagues who are interested in migration as well. Even for the clients in process, the interaction goes so well at times that we end up meeting them just to see each other during one of our branch visits.

Thankfully the scenario right now is as such that I get to see at least one positive response from the immigration process, on an average per day, resulting in one more person in a row to live his/her dream of working and settling abroad with his/her family.

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