What is the scope of the Indian chartered accountants abroad?

Scope for Chartered Accountants in abroad.
Middle East:
Indian CA is considered for Finance and Accounts job. Job profile is same as like in India. Also job opportunities are also available. You can also get job from India so it is plus point. For fresher average salary will be minimum 6 LPA excluding other perks like food, accommodation, transportation etc. Also you can work in audit firms job profile will be same in audit areas. Like Indian based Sharp & Tannan considered in top 10 firms of UAE. As of now among all gulf countries UAE & Oman is preferred by Indian CAs.

ICAI has MoU with CICA. But it is not worthy. About 3 months ago I had conversation with one of the member of ICAI regarding this MoU. He told me that this MoU is preferred only by Indian CAs who are already in Canada and He told me that he had not seen any Indian CA from India getting membership of CICA by MoU. Job profile will be Internal Auditor and Financial Analyst. As of now it is not easy to get job in Canada from India. So you need to plan accordingly. Also UFE test which is necessary for getting membership of CICA is bit tough. Also there are other institutes also like GPA which are equivalents to CPA Canada.

Same is like Canada but in Australia job profile is mostly focus on receivable & payables. Finding job in accounting area is easy then Canada. Also exam required for CPA Australia is not tough as like CICA Canada. And more or less job can be managed before landing in Australia but it is bit difficult.

As you can prepare from India and various institutes available for CPA(US). Also CPA is widely recognized in most of the countries.

How much money would I earn as a Chartered Accountant in 1) Melbourne Australia and 2) Brisbane Australia?

Robert Kaya

Anything between $79k up to $150k plus depending on the quality of work you can render. If you work on a self-employed basis your earnings could even be more.

Experience and networking would also play a very big role of course. The more clients you have the more your earnings potential will be. If you want to make serious money, establish a good nerworking circle. They’ll find you and ask for your service on an ongoing basis.



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