What things are required when we move to Australia with children?

Jennifer Donovan
Not quite sure what you are asking. You’ll need all your documents of course, passports and visas. You’ll need to bring money to change into Australian dollars and have access to money in the bank/credit cards. You should bring some clothes, though, depending on where you come from, you probably won’t need your heaviest winter clothes. When we first came, we didn’t wear a jumper or cardigan (let alone a jacket!) the whole first year … and we were surprised everyone knew we were Poms (English)! Eventually you acclimatise though my winter clothes are still far too light for say an English winter (and for autumn there too as I discovered when I visited).
Up to you whether you pay to ship furniture and personal effects or not. We did and that meant we had familiar things around us so didn’t feel homesick, whereas others like to leave it all behind and make a brand new start. I’m far too thrifty for that, stuff is expensive here and it was cheaper to ship than to buy all new. I’d buy new electrical goods here though, then you know they are suited to Aussie conditions and power supplies. Be prepared to buy a car, you don’t go far without one.

That’s all I can think of without more information to go on.

Scott Casey


If your kids go to school, you’ll need to show that they are up to date with their measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and other vaccinations.

You can get them in Australia free once you get a Medicare card (available once you have applied for permanent residence)

Sandy Brar

Exactly the same things what you doing prior movinv to Australia. My answer generalise everyday living (food,clothes etc).

Make sure you teach English to your children (if they aren’t speaking English ). Be ready to adopt new culture, Australia is multicultural country and people’s are lovely. I heard some stories about racism but I never experienced any in last 9 years.

A lot of concrete responses, I would just like to share my experience. When I moved to Australia from United States. The only thing i missed after my family was my favorite TV shows that were available through US version of netflix. Perhaps, to me this was something not to let go no matter where i go & settle. Watching serials and shows of my origin was so integral to my daily routine that I sometimes considered to move back (just a thought!). So a bit of research landed me to this solution of using a paid VPN service to stream US version of Netflix flawlessly. Not just that you can keep yourself secure while accessing internet using Free WiFi from any remote location.

 Peter Webb

Well, there have been children in Australia at least since before I was born, and you can buy whatever you need when you get here.

Having school age children is a huge plus for people moving to Australia. Firstly, it 7 hours of free high quality childcare 5 days a week. Secondly, after employment the main problem is usually social isolation. Get involved with the school community, and encourage your children to join local sports teams. (Or get involved with team sports yourself). In 6 months time you will have met the parents of half the kid’s in your children’s class(es) and many more besides standing around watching kid’s soccer games, a great start on a personal network. I personally hate sport, but for many Australians it is a great social glue.

Good luck.

Melodie Neal

For the love of all holy, teach your kids to swim. Every year we lose a lot of kids to drowning in the ocean. Make sure your kids know:

  • how to swim
  • why swimming between the flags matters (look it up)
  • how to survive a rip

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