What’s it like to be in Canada right now?

I live in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. Less than 2 hours from Toronto. I’ve lived here all my life, and I love it. Because you want to come live here in the dream which I’ve lived ever since I was born, I’m going to be honest and give you the pros and cons of living in Canada rather just what it’s like. In short, “what’s it like to be in Canada right now” truly depends where you live – Ontario is exciting, Saskatchewan not so much. It all depends on location (although on the whole, the feeling of living in Canada is pretty epic. The true north, strong and free.

Pros of living in Canada:

  • People are truly so nice, and generally very open-minded.
  • People are for the most part good drivers.
  • A wide range of backgrounds, ways of life, and culture definitely makes life interesting and exciting.
  • Summer is beautiful, fall is even more beautiful, and winter is actually not that cold if you have a coat and a hat. Spring pretty much doesn’t exist in Canada.
  • The government is generally fine. No big, controversial, awkward, stupid, bigly, commotion-full elections or government scandals.
  • People (like yourself) want to live where you live. It’s part of what gives us our Canadian pride.
  • Speaking of Canadian pride, Canadians are generally very proud to live in their country – it’s happy, it’s free, and everyone else feels the same. One thing to note is we have some pretty epic celebrities which are only on the rise. JB, Drake, Ryan Gosling, Alessia Cara? That’s only 4. Not sure how that exactly links, but it does add to our pride.
  • The original Tim Horton’s everywhere in Canada (America’s tried with Timmy’s… it’s gross there).

Cons of living in Canada (of course, there will be less b/c i’m a citizen):

  • Everything is more expensive than in the States, on a general basis. No matter the exchange difference.
  • Only 3 main cities worth going to: Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Calgary and Edmonton are awesome but the scenery is much better than anything in the city. Trust me.
  • Once Christmas is over, from January to March, it sucks. Drab, boring, and blgha. Good time to get started on yearly plans, though! (Or to travel elsewhere).
  • I’m actually struggling to find more cons right at the moment, so if anyone else has anything major to add, feel free to do so. 🙂

Welcome to Canada, we’re open.

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