What’s it like to be in Canada right now?

I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada. At the age of 30, I moved to stay in other places for 12 years including the US after that returned to Canada in the year 2000.

Like other rich world countries, Canada has jerks and assholes. However, like all other countries, it has people who are helpful, decent, and kind.

Canada has so much space than almost every other place on earth. I remember one time I was driving in a vast, deserted area of NY on a double lane runway which interested with another double lane runway only to find a sign post at the intersection leading to a street in a city!

I currently live in Saskatchewan (SK), and if you find yourself in a vast, unoccupied area, it will be difficult to figure out which way is NSEW as there are no signs to direct you on where the road is headed.

I love living in a city (and I know I’m not alone). However, it is noisy to live check by jowl; you have high blood pressure and less stress. I can decide to drive for hours, put up a tent, and not speak to anybody for as long as I wish. I may be woken up by birds and may hear the howl of an occasional wolf. I remember one time a silly white tail jaunted on my tent and scared me so much. This notwithstanding, it is indeed peaceful.

Canada also has a severely cold weather. Several people are uncomfortable I the weather condition here. You can go around all year in the cold if you get a beautiful set of layers. I am a girly man of 60 years, and I can go well with it. (I put on a North Face jacket, EMS Gortex wind pants, long underwear, fleece and a T-shirt. Till it gets to summer, the only changes is made is that the lower layer is removed).

The tax rate is also a cause of worry to people here. A friend told me that the tax insurance is over $1600 for independent operators in one month. That should be all my taxes till after $80k.

Actually, I like space and weather. I also like harsh landscapes. One thing I can do for several hours every week is to watch the river from my apartment

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