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Where is the cheapest place to live in Canada? Answer Request
Posted on: 27 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Cheap places in Canada ,

Austin Bugden

Well, I can guess Fort Mac is off the list. Cheaper is in quotes here. You have to have income or a support means. If you save money by going rural then you need transportation as there isn't public transit. etc. There are trade offs. Many of the stats are skewed by the Urban ease of collecting stats compaired to rural stats. Also many Urban-rural metrics are not compatible to each other. For example, trading and odd jobs with someone who has a few hens or has some moose in the freezer is less of an option in an urban centre. As for straight urban living, I've heard Victoria, BC if you rent. StatsCan points to that. Consumer Price Index, by city (Index) Consumer Price Index, by province (monthly) (British Columbia) Or you can look at Comparing rents: The costs of urban living in Canada vs. U.S. But that assumes you have the "creature" comforts etc. I'm sure we have all met those legendary "frugal" individuals who cast off what many consider essentials. Urban couch surfing is one example. Living rural means much of the day to day temptations for throwing your disposable income are reduced to larger single purchase or long term items, for example in winter you'll really want TV/internet. If cost of owning a house is your sole metric. Well PEI is your choice. But if you want to rent near uPEI in late August good luck. It's all relative.

Barbara Bellemare
Yorkton, Saskatchewan is the cheapest. If you google your question, there are quite a few answers with lists. Most contain lists that cover many provinces in Canada.

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