Which province is easy to immigrate in Canada?

Each province has its benefits and detriments and what is the “easiest” province for you depends a lot on your personal circumstances.

For example, a lot of provinces will fast-track you if you have highly desirable skills, but you may later find that your professional skills may not be transferable to another province. For example, foreign trained medical professionals in Newfoundland and New Brunswick often find they don’t meet Ontario’s licensure requirements, which don’t give you some slack if you’re looking to work in a remote area.

In addition, although good jobs are available in remote areas, you may find that being torn away from people who share your culture isn’t something that you can easily get used to. You might do better in one of the big cities instead.

The truth is, if you have necessary and desirable skills, it might be slightly easier to go to one province, you will actually be better off trying a little harder to get into one of the other provinces where your long-term prospects are better.

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Saskatchewan will be the easiest province to migrate to under Provincial Nominee Program.


  1. Fastest processing time compared to other PNPs
  2. Multiple Provincial programs such as SINP, express entry PNP, Occupation demand (need 5.5 bands IELTS) etc
  3. Couple of big cities (Regina, Saskatoon) to live in with good education and job opportunities for immigrants.
  4. Once you get nomination, you can live in the province and if you have better opportunity, you can move to other provinces as well
  5. Easy, laid back and peaceful province with friendly natives. (Immigrant friendly)

Hope this helps.

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If you speak French, probably Quebec.

The competition to come to Ontario is high, smaller provinces like Saskatchewan would be easier.


If you have a lot of money, then Quebec through the immigration investor program.


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