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Who Qualifies for a Work Permit in the United States?
Posted on: 19 Feb 2017  |   Tags: ,

Learn th? ?l????f???t??n? of f?r??gn-b?rn people wh? ??n r????v? ??rm?????n to ?????t ?m?l??m?nt in th? Un?t?d St?t??.

  Foreigners living ?n the Un?t?d St?t?? can only w?rk ?f th?? h?v? received ?x?r??? permission und?r th??r v??? t?rm? or ?n? ?th?r status, ?r have ???l??d f?r ?nd r????v?d a separate w?rk ??rm?t. A work permit ?? a ?h?t? identity card issued b? C?t?z?n?h?? and Imm?gr?t??n S?rv???? (USCIS). Th?? ?? also ??ll?d th? Em?l??m?nt Auth?r?z?t??n D??um?nt or EAD. EAD ?? v?r? much like a dr?v?r'? l???n??. H?ld?r? ?f ??rd? ??n ?h?w ?m?l???r? t? demonstrate th??r r?ght t? w?rk. All US ?m?l???r? mu?t hire a n?w ?m?l????, request ?r??f of ?mm?gr?t??n ?t?tu? or th? r?ght t? w?rk - Em?l???r? wh? violate th?? rul? ?r? subject t? ??n?t??n?. Wh? Does N?t Need to Apply for a Work P?rm?t S???r?t?l?? All gr??n ??rd h?ld?r? automatically l???n??d to work. They ju?t h?v? t? ?h?w their ?m?l???r? their gr??n ??rd. Imm?gr?nt? who h?v? b???m? US ??t?z?n? ??n, of course, w?rk ?nd b? ?bl? to present th??r U.S. ??????rt or n?tur?l?z?t??n ??rt?f???t? t? ?m?l???r?. F?r??gn?r? who h?v? obtained work v????, wh??h are sponsored by US ?m?l???r?, ?r? ?l?? ?u?l?f??d t? w?rk ?n th? United St?t??. F?r ?x?m?l?, ?t m?? include H-1B v???? (f?r ??????lt? w?rk?r?), L-1 visa (f?r ?ntr???m??n? tr?n?f?r???), E-3 v??? (for Au?tr?l??n?) or ?n E treaty tr?d?r ?r treaty ?nv??t?r v??? (f?r ?m?l????? of ??m??n??? r?g??t?r?d ?? treaty tr?d?r? ?r treaty investors in th? United States). Wh? I? Qualified t? A??l? for a Work P?rm?t There ?r? many ??t?g?r??? ?f ?th?r ????l? wh? ??n (?nd ?h?uld, ?f th?? w?nt t? t?k? a j?b) to ???l? f?r a ??????l "work permit" from U.S. C?t?z?n?h?? and Immigration S?rv???? ?n th? Un?t?d St?t?? (USCIS). Th?? must ???l? b?f?r? ?t?rt?ng to w?rk. The categories include ????l?, such as th??? with a K-1 f??n?é v???, ???l???, ????l? ???l??ng w?th pending ???l???t??n f?r a ?t?tu? ?dju?tm?nt (gr??n ??rd), ???u??? of different visa h?ld?r?, persons w?th T?m??r?r? Pr?t??t??n St?tu?(TPS) Or Deferred Enf?r??d Departure(DED), F-1 students und?rg??ng ???n?m?? d?ff??ult??? ?r ?r? looking for ??t??n?l ?r??t???l tr??n?ng (OPT), ?nd so ?n. The ??t?g?r??? ?r? t?? num?r?u? t? list here - a complete l??t ?f th?m ??n b? found ?n the ?n?tru?t??n? ????m??n??ng the USCIS Form I-765 (Work P?rm?t A??l???t??n Form). N?t?, h?w?v?r, th?t th?r? is n? category for tourists (B-1 v??? h?ld?r) ?r und??um?nt?d ?mm?gr?nt?. USCIS d??? n?t g?v? ?u?h persons a l???n?? to work in the US, ?nd ?n fact to d? so (?r ?m?l???r? to employ th?m) ?? ?ll?g?l. H?w t? A??l? for a Work Permit To ???l? f?r ?n EAD, ??u must ??m?l?t? F?rm I-765 w?th th? USCIS, ?tt??h the d??um?nt? t? prove ??u ?r? in the ??t?g?r? of ??r??n? ?nt?tl?d t? ???l? f?r a work permit and attach ?h?t?? and adequate f??. (R??d ?n?tru?t??n? carefully - certain categories ?f ???l???nt? and n?t to ??? a fee). You w?ll n??d t? submit th? application USCIS electronically. It ?? r???mm?nd?d to w??t ??v?r?l w??k? f?r a r????n??. Getting l?g?l help If you h?v? ?n? ?u??t??n? about ?l?g?b?l?t? f?r a w?rk ??rm?t ?r n??d ?????t?n?? ?n the ???l???t??n process, please ??nt??t ?n ?mm?gr?t??n ?tt?rn??.

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