Why are medical examinations required for Canadian visas?

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You only need a medical exam to obtain a Canadian work visa if you have stayed in a certain country or territory prior to entering Canada, or will be working in the public health sector. See Do I need a medical exam to get a visa?, the Page on cic.gc.ca, and Find out if you need a medical exam for more information.

However, your question is “why.” The answer is quite simple: disease control. When you come from a place that is known to have certain health problems, particularly contagious diseases, the public health interest needs to make sure you don’t come in and start making everyone sick. Imagine if a person outside of the country were a carrier of a disease and were asymptomatic, such as a Typhoid Mary — a person who seemed healthy but could make everyone sick simply by handling their food or medicine.

In order to protect the population as a whole and shut down any potential for an epidemic, these health examinations are required for anyone who will be living in the country for a significant period of time and could possibly do widespread damage to the population should they be a carrier of a disease.

But the examination is well worth it for many people! Happy Canada Day!

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